Optical Therapeutic Laser

Our advanced laser therapy offers a unique approach to pain relief and tissue regeneration.

Optical Therapeutic Laser

Optical Therapeutic Laser

As time goes by, optical therapeutic laser keeps showing more and more positive results when used to heal and stimulate the body. At Hecker Sports Medicine™, we strive to provide you the most advanced and effective non-surgical solutions for your foot and ankle pain. Contact us or request an appointment today to start your journey to healthier feet and ankles!

Conditions We Treat:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Stress Fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Flat Feet
  • Lisfranc
  • Nerve injury
  • And More!

Optical Therapeutic Laser — The Non-Surgical Solutions

We use a medical grade optical laser system that effectively enhances the neuron's energy performance at cellular level. It is the only product on the market today that is providing the best wave length to effectively penetrate bone.

The main focus of cold laser treatments is to stimulate the cells to heal the correct way, promoting the repair and regeneration of the treated tissue. This process uses the following two methods:

  • Stimulating the mitochondria with your cells (photobiomodulation)
  • The release of nitric oxide from blood vessels that increases blood flow to the treated area (angiogenic effect)

Additionally, Low Light Laser Therapy is based on two principles:

  • Watt = power
  • Joules = energy Joules, or energy, delivered to tissue is what stimulates healing.

How Does It Work?

Lasers that produce lower watts will deliver fewer joules requiring longer treatment times and more treatments to achieve the correct dose or joules to promote healing.

At Hecker Sports Medicine™, we use a powerful laser allowing for shorter and fewer treatments to achieve effective dosing.

Two of the major results we can achieve are:

Regeneration — Full restoration of tissues without scarring, restoring full function to injured tissue.

Repair —By healing the area without scarring improves tissue mobility and pliability which increases function and reduces the risk of future injury.

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What we work with:



Peripheral neuropathy, abnormal nerve function.

Morton's Neuromas/Nerve Compression

Morton's Neuromas/Nerve Compression

Morton's neuromas cause pain, tingling, or numbness between the toes and in the ball of the foot.



Bunions, often painful bony bumps, form at the base of the big toe.