Morton's Neuromas/Nerve Compression

Morton's Neuromas/Nerve Compression

Neuroma/Nerve Compressison


By definition, neuroma means enlarged nerve. Neuromas are less common, they are a chronic condition. Nerve compression and neuromas cause pain, tingling, or numbness between the toes and in the ball of the foot. The sensation often resembles standing on a pebble. It typically develops between the third and fourth toes, can also occur in any of the toes, due to pressure, irritation, or damage to nerves.

Typical Treatment

  • Shoes with wider toe box
  • Orthotic devices with metatarsal pads
  • NSAIDs
  • Ice
  • Rest

Do I Need Surgery for Neuroma/Nerve Compression?

Surgery is creating another injury to the nerve. Nerves do not recover well. Typically when a nerve is injured it stays symptomatic. Surgery will often exchange one nerve condition for another.

Advanced Treatment Neuroma/Nerve Compression

At Hecker Sports Medicine we seek to get to the root cause of nerve compression through thorough examination. Many times where the nerve is symptomatic is not where the compression is occurring. Discovering where compression is occurring and using advanced treatments such as Sanexas electric cell therapy, Vissman acoustical vibration, and medical foods for nerve injuries can alleviate the compression and stop the pain. This will stop the need for surgical intervention. Visit Hecker Medical here to find the medical food that could help you!

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