There are two types of bunions, one is a bump on the side of the foot by the big toe, the other is on top of the big toe.  This common foot deformity can cause the big toe to angle toward the other toes, or the big toe joint to elevate. Bunions develop from pressure on the big toe joint which can be caused by tight shoes, genetic predispositions, or specific foot structures.

Bunion Symptoms

  • Inflammation of the big toe
  • Stiffness or painful range of motion
  • Pain with shoe wear
  • Pain with activity
  • Enlargement of big toe joint

Typical Treatment

  • Wider Shoes
  • Orthotic devices
  • NSAIDs
  • Ice
  • Injections
  • Surgery

Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

Surgery may be necessary if there is malalignment of the joint causing injury to the joint. Most bunion deformities do not involve severe malalignment and are amendable to advanced therapy treatments. Bunion deformities are typically caused by injury or weakening to the surrounding ligamentous and tendon tissue. Focusing on comprehensive treatment plans that address the specific conditions of the deformity helps in managing symptoms effectively and may prevent the progression of the bunion.

Advanced Treatment Bunion

Innovative non-surgical treatments can alleviate bunion symptoms without the need for surgery.

Through the advanced treatments we offer, many of the typical treatments can be avoided. By using the advanced treatment modalities of TECAR radio frequency, Piezoelectric shockwave, optical therapeutic laser and Vissman acoustical vibration, combined with appropriate support, the restoration of joints, tendons and ligaments can be quickly achieved. 

One of the greatest advantages of our advanced therapy treatments is that it helps your body recover the right way and helps prevent scar tissue formation — often the cause for other problems after healing an injury.

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Bunion Treatment | Non-Surgical Solutions | Hecker Sports Medicine | Fort Collins, CO

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