Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain

Dr. Hecker has treated thousands of ankle pain injuries. His goal is to determine and address the underlying cause of the ankle pain. It does not matter if the ankle problem is recent or has been long term, he can help patients get back on the move without costly and unnecessary procedures.

There are many causes for ankle pain. The ankle joint is complex with numerous ligaments and critical weight-bearing structures. Ankle pain usually involves the ankle joint specifically but can also involve the joint below called the sub-talar joint. Each structure has their unique pathologies that require thorough examination and evaluation to determine the source of ankle pain. Correct diagnosis is critical the best long term outcomes. X-rays, ultrasounds and MRIs can be critical for correct diagnosis.

Symptoms Ankle Pain

  • Stiffness or reduced range of motion
  • Chronic instability
  • Chronic ankle rolling
  • Difficulty bearing weight
  • Spontaneous 'giving out'
  • Chronic pain with standing and/or walking

Typical Treatment

  • Immobilization
  • Cam walker boot
  • Braces
  • Non-weight bearing
  • Physical therapy
  • NSAIDs
  • Rest

Do I need Ankle Surgery?

It is not well understood that most ankle injuries are not amendable to surgeries. The majority of injuries involve ligamentous structures that are difficult to repair surgically. Surgeries are technical and require significant downtime for recovery and a slow return to activities.

Advanced Treatment Ankle Pain

Through the advanced treatments we offer, many of the typical treatments can be avoided. By using the advanced treatment modalities of TECAR radio frequency, Piezoelectric shockwave, optical therapeutic laser and Vissman acoustical vibration, combined with appropriate support, the restoration of joints, tendons, ligaments and bone can be quickly achieved. Advanced treatments limit downtime and accelerate recovery.

One of the greatest advantages of our advanced therapy treatments is that it helps your body recover the right way and helps prevent scar tissue formation — often the cause for other problems after healing an injury.

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